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I was born and raised in a small town in southwestern Minnesota. My father was a chiropractor there and I followed in his footsteps. I went to Mankato State University for my pre-med classes and then to St. Louis, MO for my Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. From there, I lived and practiced in Melbourne, Florida until God brought me back to MN. I practiced in Anoka, MN from 1993-2000,  until I started my own practice here in Blaine. I am married to my wonderful husband, Javano Munnings and have three handsome young men. Parker is 19, is graduating this year and specializes in SEO/Digital Marketing. Evan is 16 and takes on entrepreneurial ventures. Spencer is 13 and has a passion for fishing. 

Terra's kids and husband
Terra Fleming and Hubby in Blaine

What Terra Fleming stands for

If I’m elected for Blaine City Council, I promise to listen to all residents and work in the best interests of Blaine. After talking with many residents across Blaine, there are many concerns that I have been hearing about. These are just a few that I will address:

  • Development –  Recently, There has been an increase in development of homes, townhouses and apartment buildings. Let’s slow this down a bit so that we have the right infrastructure in place. We need to focus on incentivizing high end shops and restaurants in key areas to help support our residents. I am in favor of developing a downtown area, similar to Maple Grove, that would provide plenty of shops and restaurants for our residents.
  • Fiscal Responsibility –  I oppose city wide sales tax and I am determined to keep our taxes low.  
  • Supporting Police – One of the biggest things that residents are concerned about is the safety of our streets and neighborhoods.  I fully support keeping our police department strong.
  • Better communication – We need better communication between the city and homeowners for projects that are happening or are going to happen in our area.
  • Space – We need more space for youth athletics and make an effort to preserve our parks and trees in the great city of Blaine.

Friday Night Pizza With Terra

Terra Fleming Pizza
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What People Say About Me

I have known Terra both professionally and personally for over twenty years.  She has a heart for helping people and is always on the front lines when getting things done.  She is not afraid of hard work and finishes what she starts.  Terra is confident in her abilities and is always striving to grow, learn and do better.  She has owned her own business, worked as an employee, and dedicated many years to being a wife, mother, and home-school teacher to her children.  Her well-rounded professional and personal experience not only make her relatable, but also give her a balanced perspective.  She values faith, family, and community.  She is steadfast in her character, desires to listen, and would be an excellent representative as your Blaine City Council voice for Ward 3.

Shannon Roberts

Local Business Owner

Terra is an upstanding person who really believes in making things better. I’ve known her for years, and to be honest, she is made for this. She is a truthful and devoted person.

Shannon Rothstein

Local Entrepreneur

“I have high recommendations and expectations for Terra Fleming as a candidate for this public office. She has been a chiropractic colleague for at least twenty years and has shown exceptional quality in her compassion and ability to help our people both physically and politically. I know her ambition to help her constitution and her drive to build a better society will shine through.”

Dr. Duane Hanson


“I have known Terra Fleming for over 20 years. She is tenacious in accomplishing her goals and if you couple that with her listening ear, you have the right combination representing you in Blaine city council”

Barb Abeler

Local Business Owner
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